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Hathi Trust, a new resource for digitized microforms

We've heard so much about Hathi Trust, but I just discovered that many of our government technical reports on microfiche are now available in Hathi Trust, and full text links to the digital form are showing up in our catalog!

The key areas of our collection that are now available in Hathi Trust are:

  • USGS Water-Resources Investigation (about 3000 with full view)

  • US Bureau of Mines reports (about 3400 with full view)

  • National Bureau of Standards reports (about 1600 with full view)

Although I found some NASA and DOE technical reports, in Hathi Trust, the number was significantly smaller than those in our microfiche collection.

Here's a screenshot showing where the Hathi Trust links are in MNCAT:

There are some limitations:

  • The "Online Resources" facet in Primo won't filter your results by what's available in Hathi Trust.

  • The record in Primo won't show up with the green "Online Access" message (unless we already had an access link from another resource.)

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