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New look, People Widget, and Phishing Protection

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know about upcoming changes in our Google Apps, starting next Tuesday (7/19). Here are the three that I thought were most notable:

(1) New look: I haven't seen screenshots or found a lot of details on this, but according to Google, we are due to receive "a series of design improvements across all our products". At first, we will be able to opt out by switching back to a "classic view", but eventually, the changes will be permanent.
(2) The People Widget: in Gmail, when we're looking at an open conversation, we'll see a widget on the right-hand side with a list of people involved in the conversation. This will give us options to other emails with those individuals, shared events, shared documents, plus other communication options like chat.
(3) Additional phishing protection: now, the actual sender email address will appear next to the sender's self-reported identity. So for example, next to "Charles Heinz", you will see "". Or, if someone was masquerading as me, you would see, "Charles Heinz" and maybe "" adjacent to it. So this isn't an improvement on spam filters or anything automatic like that. It's just bringing forward information that used to be somewhat hidden.

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