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Docs "Format Painter", Improved Accessibility, Improved Contacts

There are some new features in Google Apps this week:
(1) Google Docs Format Painter
There's a similar function in MS Word. What Format Painter does is copy the currently-selected format and style and apply it to the next thing you select (with a single click or a select-drag. Pro: a quick way to copy formatting to another section of your document. Con: it doesn't give you a way of managing the formatting of saved styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.) or a way to change the formatting of "all similar text", functions that I have always found useful in MS Word. But it's a start.
(2) Improved Accessibility for Google Apps
Google reports that they have made changes to better support screen readers like JAWS, VoiceOver, and ChromeVox. They also added new keyboard shortcuts to assist blind and visually-impaired users.
(3) Improved Contacts interface...? On 9/13, Google announced that we (Scheduled Release Google Apps for Education users) would have an improved Contacts interface. I haven't seen any changes yet.

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