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Career Resources Web List

We're currently populating the new web list: Library Resources for Careers in Science and Engineering. Please send me books, e-books, articles, and websites for your subjects so that I can add them to the list. You can use this easy web form to contact me:

ISO Standards Inventory

Last summer I worked with student workers Kadie and Lysa to complete an inventory of all ISO Standards. These standards are organized by standard number (as opposed to the standard melee in MnCat) and integrate all ISO Standards (including those in the general stacks and all the individual standards collected in the ISO Handbooks).

You can access the Excel spreadsheet inventory via Netfiles at

Or you can find it at PSE Shared>>By Owner>>Jon>>ISODatabase--4_2010

We're working on a process to make sure it keeps up-to-date and maybe make it more searchable in the future...but for now it may make searching for ISO Standards a little easier.

If we don't own a standard and it's needed for student, faculty or staff research, please let me know--I'm happy to order it for our collection. If you get the patrons email address we can notify them when it arrives.

No Change or Cash Exchanges Available at Wise Owl

Just a reminder that the Wise Owl Cafe will not exchange cash for change or change for cash (i.e. a dollar bill for 4 quarters or 4 quarters for a dollar bill), at least not without a purchase of some sort. Please do not direct anyone to the Wise Owl Cafe for this kind of exchange.

You can direct people to Coffman Union's bank (for money exchanges) or Copy Center (which will accept coins) or to the Gopher Gold website where they can add a money electronically (for a fee):

If any one knows of any other place(s) close to Walter to make this type of exchange, please add to the comment section. Thanks!

IT Printing On First Floor

I just had a patron wondering if there was anywhere in Walter Library that IT students could print for free...I knew there weren't any locations on the second floor, so I directed student down to the big lab on floor one.

He returned to say that he was able to print for free in the portion of that lab that is reserved for IT students.

Talking with the circulation staff member I was told another patron had recently come up asking the same question. I figured that since I didn't know, others might not as well.

Just FYI.


Here is a link the Walter SMART Learning Commons website. It includes the hours it is currently being staffed (it will be open the same hours as the library):

This link has also been added it to the left hand navigational links on Sciweb.

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