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At 02:17 PM 6/10/2004 -
From: Cherie Weston
Subject: Re: time


The average turnaround time for copies and loans requested via OCLC has been about 7 days [including weekends] for most of this year. The report, generated by OCLC, shows 7.08 days as the average turnaround for the year [below 7 days for seven months, above 7 days for four months]. Things take slightly longer in December [8.67 days] and January [7.72 days] because many libraries stop shipping and some actually close for a few weeks. We request more than 90% of the material on OCLC.

Most copies arrive within a few days. If we can get the books from instate or within the CIC, they are usually here in less than a week. If we have to request the material from abroad, it can take a few months.

It really depends upon the type of material and how easily obtainable it is - some are filled by the first lender we try, others may require asking twenty or more libraries to supply. It is safe to say, that copies generally arrive in less than a week and that loans generally take one to two weeks. As always, patrons should request materials well in advance of their deadlines.


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