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Double-sided copying

Take a look at my last entry about sheet-fed copying. Another feature of the copier on the basement level is that it can also process double-sided copying using the sheet-feeding mechanism. Just like sheet-fed copying, automatic double-sided copying is not a feature of the Great Hall copier. I have only confirmed the basement copier; the sub-basement and/or foundation copiers may be the same model.

Sheet-fed copying

I may be the last person in the world to learn about this, but did you know that you can do sheet-fed copying in Walter? The photocopier in the Great Hall doesn't have the component for this, but the one on the Basement level does. Mechanically, it works like our copier in 329: place a stack of pages face-up in the feed tray. Then swipe your card, and it will deduct $0.17 for each page it takes in.

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