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Double-sided Printing in 103 Walter

I'm sure you've all had this question at the desk before. Can I print on both sides? Not on library printers, but I just discovered that students can print double-sided in 103 Walter. A student in 103 explained to me that the default is single-sided printing, but they can switch to double-sided in the print menus.

File > Print > Preferences (or Properties), then change "Print on Both Sides:" to "Yes, Flip Over."

Login Authenitcation

We will be adding login authentication for the public terminals in Walter on January 7th. This will done through the Ghost process. I expect the move to take about 4 hours. We will begin at 8am in order to get this completed as soon as possible. I apologize for any inconveinence this might cause. Thanks.

Public Computer Vandalism

A computer in Room 208 was vandalised over the weekend. It appears that red nail polish was poured on the lid, the desk, and the floor. The campus police were informed this morning. Kristia is having the floor and desk cleaned. I will be replacing the panel with one from my office.

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