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Double-sided Printing in 103 Walter

I'm sure you've all had this question at the desk before. Can I print on both sides? Not on library printers, but I just discovered that students can print double-sided in 103 Walter. A student in 103 explained to me that the default is single-sided printing, but they can switch to double-sided in the print menus.

File > Print > Preferences (or Properties), then change "Print on Both Sides:" to "Yes, Flip Over."

Update on Public Copying and Printing

Update on Public Copying and Printing
From Library Monday Memo 8/25/08

All University Libraries public copying and printing equipment have been upgraded to the new CBORD debiting system. The Health Science Library will be upgrading soon. We continue to experience some transition issues which we hope the U Card office will be able to help us resolve soon. Thanks for your patience as the Libraries make this transition and for your dedication to helping the users get what they need while we are changing system platforms.

The Libraries are no longer selling Library Copy Cards. Faculty and staff that need to purchase a copy card with an EFS budget string should request a card through their departmental accounting office. The copy service has purchased a limited number of $3 courtesy cards and distributed them to public service desks to help users who are struggling in this transition.

Patrons should be directed to the new Value Port to add money to their UCard account or to purchase a new Gopher Gold card for $1 and then add value to that. Value Ports are located in Wilson, Walter, Magrath, Law, and HSL. They are also located in the University dormitories.

The UCard office anticipates that the web interface for adding value with a credit or debit card will be available to the public October 1st. There will be a $2 fee for this service. If University faculty, staff, or students have value stored on their UCard that was deposited via the cash to card machines prior to August 15, 2008, that value must be converted to the new system at the UCard office. Old Library Copy Cards (non-CUFS purchased with cash or a check) or Gopher Gold cards purchased in the cash to cards machines will no longer work in the equipment and must be converted at the UCard Office in Coffman to the new system.

Copy Cards with CUFS printed on them should be returned to their departmental accounting office for a refund. Exception: Library units that have old CUFS copy cards should return them to Amy Boemer, 125 Magrath, with their name and unit. Return any old library courtesy cards with value on them to Amy Boemer, 125 Magrath. The library will get credit for these cards which will then convert to new value.

- Amy Boemer

Our public workstations are set up to take keyboard input for: Korean, Japanese, Chinese (PRC), English-US, Arabic (Egypt), and Russian. The patron can find a button in the lower right of the screen that says "EN". The patron then clicks it for a menu of these choices. When in a word processor, each key then becomes reassigned to a foreign letter.

I've printed out keyboard maps for Korean, Arabic, and Russian. These show the locations of the characters on the keyboard. For Japanese and Chinese, there didn't seem to be a one-to-one match up of one key to one character (probably because there are far more characters in these languages than in Roman, Cyrillic, or Korean alphabets). It seems that the user spells out a word (phonetically, maybe?) in the Roman alphabet, and it is then converted to Kanji or Hanzi.

If a patron needs help with using these special input modes, I'd be happy to come to the rescue!


Please Report Public Workstations Freezing

As some of you have reported already, there seems to be an issue with a couple of our public workstations in 206, where the computer will freeze up when the patron tries to print something. The only fix is to reboot the computer, at which point any unsaved work is deleted. Michael Winters is trying to get to the bottom of it and needs to know if/when this continues to happen. If a patron reports this problem, please note which terminal is causing the problem and send an email to winte301 (at) and he will add to the trouble ticket. Thanks.

MS Office 2007 Language Setting

The Office 2007 default language is set to "detect language automatically" and this can created a problem. For example, a student typing out a homework set for a physics class had their paper unexpectedly converted into Russian Cyrillic (keyboard settings and all) simply because he was using too many symbols. The default will be unchecked for the next Image setting, but, until then, if any problem arise you may find and uncheck this setting under Reviews> Set language

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