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Heads Up on Augsburg Organic Chemistry Students

We may be seeing some Augsburg students working on a project for their organic chemistry class. As far as I know, it's okay for them to use Reaxys. Don't forget the Organic Chemistry subject page is there, too! And as always, you can send them my way.

Double-sided copying

Take a look at my last entry about sheet-fed copying. Another feature of the copier on the basement level is that it can also process double-sided copying using the sheet-feeding mechanism. Just like sheet-fed copying, automatic double-sided copying is not a feature of the Great Hall copier. I have only confirmed the basement copier; the sub-basement and/or foundation copiers may be the same model.

After years of painstaking student work, we have collected information on all of our ISO standards into a spreadsheet. Jon made an earlier blog entry about this. I just created a web search function that allows you to search this spreadsheet, and I think it will be very useful for all of us at the Sci/Eng Reference desk. I'm going to call this the "Beta" version (perpetual beta?) The long-term plan will be to have LAIIs maintain this database, since new ISO standards come through us for processing anyway.

Missing Books

I was just emailing with Mary B. down in circulation about a book that went missing. She had some good tips for getting a missing book reported and tying it to a particular patron--so the patron can be notified if the book is found.

This may be refresher to some...but it was useful for me to revisit, so I thought I'd share.

1. Have the user make a "Get It" request (even if they've looked and not found the book)....that way a search will automatically be made. If the book isn't found it will be marked as missing. This way the book is tied to the patron and the patron can be notified if the book is found.

2. Have the patron fill out a blue "missing book" form. The circ folks will place a hold on the book for the patron so they're notified if the book is found.

Staff Flash Drive Available at Ref Desk

A 2 GB flash drive is available at the ref desk for staff use, or for helping patrons move files for printing etc.. It will be in the top drawer of our cabinet.

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