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After years of painstaking student work, we have collected information on all of our ISO standards into a spreadsheet. Jon made an earlier blog entry about this. I just created a web search function that allows you to search this spreadsheet, and I think it will be very useful for all of us at the Sci/Eng Reference desk. I'm going to call this the "Beta" version (perpetual beta?) The long-term plan will be to have LAIIs maintain this database, since new ISO standards come through us for processing anyway.

Career Resources Web List

We're currently populating the new web list: Library Resources for Careers in Science and Engineering. Please send me books, e-books, articles, and websites for your subjects so that I can add them to the list. You can use this easy web form to contact me:

More Web Reviews

A year ago I posted a bunch of web review articles that I wrote for the Special Library Association's quarterly newsletter, SciTech News. The column, "Web Reviews" is still not online, but here are some more pre-prints if you are interested:

February 2009: Visual Collaboration Tools
May 2009: Science Video Sites
August 2009: Gov Doc SciTech Info

2009 AGU Journal Issues

We are experiencing problems with the 2009 issues of AGU journals. Past years of AGU jouranls are not a problem. Here is the note from Yumiko:

AGU has graced our online access for one month till Feb. 7, 2009 while
they try to get a renewal invoice to us. Our access to 2009 issues of
Water Resources Research and other journals is working fine [for] now.

We have requested a renewal invoice for
2009 several times, but we still have not received it. I have sent a
RUSH e-mail to the publisher (AGU), and they are working on it. FYI,
this affects all of AGU journals, not just Water Resources Research, in
case InfoPoint receives more inquiries about AGU journals. I tried to
have them grace our access for a month or so while the renewal issue is
being worked on, but they are not willing to do that yet. I'll let you
know when our access problem with the 2009 issues of AGU journals has
been resolved.

Thank you.


Web Reviews

This is not necessarily reference related, but Janice asked me to pass along this info and this is the most non-intrusive, un-copyright violating way. Beginning in 2008 I'm a columnist for the quarterly publication, SciTech News, the official bulletin for the Chemistry/Materials Science, Engineering/Aerospace, and Sci-Tech Divisions of the Special Library Association (SLA). The column, "Web Reviews" is available in print only, however, here are the pre-prints of the column until an official electronic version becomes available.

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