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Helping Local Company

Not sure this was ' important interaction' but had a fellow call this morning from a small company in Lake Elmo who had found an article on Google but could not read it. I explained he could view it if he came into the Library and within two hours he was here. Turned out to be a 1982 article from Optical Society of America, which due to our backfile and OSA apparent cooperation with Google he was able to find. He seemed real pleased to have it and left with printed copy and PDF on floppy. I tried to interest him in Inspec but that didn't seem to work out -- maybe Google is better. Interestingly the Google entry did not have a complete citation so his attempt to use Minitex had failed. Google Scholar does have full cite. From Gary

"Our Stories" in the Sci/Eng Blog

One of the goals of our communications plan was to make sure we are gathering interesting stories about what we do in the Science and Engineering Library.

Stories can center around unique or important interactions with a patron, something about the collections, or anything you think is important to record. Gathering these stories together in one place may help use see trends or connections that we can then communicate to our users or others in the UL (maybe administrators).

One of the complications that arises with this goal is how to effectively gather our stories. We discussed several alternatives but none have really "taken off" yet.

I would like to suggest that we gather our stories here in the Sci/Eng Reference Tips Blog. Janice will remind each of us to record our stories when she sends out the agenda for our weekly staff meeting.

Let me know if you have comments, questions, or suggestions. KLJ

Instructions for entering "Our Stories" on the Blog

1. Login to the Sciref blog at Use your x500 login and password. Each of you has been set up as an author in the blog.

2. Click on New Entry in the Science and Engineering Library Reference Tips blog box. (Or click on the title of the blog and then click on New Entry under the Post menu on the left hand side of the page.)

3. Enter a title for your story and select Our Stories from the drop down box under Primary Category.

4. Enter the contents of your story in the Entry Body.

5. Scroll down the page and click on the Save button.

6. Your story should now appear as the most recent entry on the Sci/Eng Ref Tips Blog.

7. If you need to edit your entry, click on Edit Entries in the Post menu. Find your entry in the list and click on its title. Edit your entry and save again.

Let me know if you have questions about any of this. KLJ

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