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Talking Points for the Changes in Self-service Photocopy Machines

The following points are to help you if patrons ask about the changes with self-service photocopy machines.

Why are there fewer photocopy machines?

Previously, the Libraries had a contract with an outside vendor. In the last five years, the number of copies made on these machines has declined 65%. The previous number of machines could not be justified economically, given this decrease in volume. The number of machines reflects the decrease in use.

Why do the machines charge different rates -- $.15 versus $.17 for different users?

Patrons who purchase copy cards using a CUFS number are charged the rate of $.15 based on University regulations that require us to document costs and charges to CUFS customers . Patrons who purchase copy cards using cash, check, or credit card are charges $.17 per copy. The law requires charging tax on products and services not directly billed within the University (i.e., to a CUFS account).

Why am I being charged $.17 a copy when I purchased my card on a CUFS account?

If you purchased your card before August 1, 2006, it was not programmed to reflect purchase on a CUFS account. You may go to a mediated photocopy service desk in Wilson or Magrath to get a replacement card (that will be programmed to reflect method of purchase) for the value remaining on your card.

I think the per page charges are extremely high. Why?

The Libraries operates all of our photocopy operations (self-service machines and walk-in photocopy service) on a cost-recovery basis; it is not a subsidized service. We carefully calculate all our expenses (labor, equipment, supplies, volume of transactions, depreciation) and determine a per-page rate that will cover these.

Each public service point in the Libraries will be provided a supply of copy cards that will allow staff the discretion of providing courtesy cards to users when they have issues that cannot be resolved in others ways. Encourage users to bring the cards back to your desk when they are done.
Please refer anyone who wishes to talk about this further to either Amy Boemer (head of photocopy services) 625-5281,, or Peggy Johnson, Associate University Librarian for Access Services 624-2312,

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