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astonish me RESPONSE

this reading contained images i have seen before, but the web resources that i have learnded about so far are comp;letly fantastic. they make me feel good knowing that there are high standards still being set for designers and what is considered to be good or popular art is not always one in the same.



my first memory at the mention of color theory is strongly tied with vincent van gogh's blue period. j.gordon talked about making a color wheel in 2D design, and i remember doing that project. It was very frustrating for me, for the mixing of colors wasnt always as i planed them to look. but the topic rages on and it is something i think i might peek an interest in. the book references in this reading are going to be good resources

Found Inspiration

Architecture and people, places and things that hold tradition hold so much meaning. I find it hard to not notice and be inspired from any of them.

william morris prints
chelsea fc

and the list goes on.

What I really want to know about design

What does getting my masters do for my future in graphic design? Better pay, better jobs, etc?

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