Anatomy Readings

part a.

the reading for me was about the skill or ability for a designer to be keen to their surroundings. observation needs to be sharp to understand what is widely known among pop culture to have the chance to make a parody of the situation. if you dont know what is "popular" among pop culture it makes the job that much harder. To have a visual memory of everything you see would open your avenues to be a better and more conscious designer.

part b.

i love this idea of repetition, because it seems to be a very useful technique in having an audience remember and understand what your trying to get a across. to give as many options as needed may be a additional thought to add to this reading, for the repetition of blue crush is actually quite poor.

part c.

this section shined the light on the idea of process beyond the actual design. thinking about how the poster will look now a days seems to be the downfall of many designers. the print is what you want, but how you want it to actually look in three dimensions is another element to think about as part of how we design.

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