March 27, 2007

Some Ground Rules

Hi. I began this blog primarily as a means of organizing notes and reactions related to my participation in the EduCause Learning Initiative (ELI) 2007 Spring focus session on Immersive Learning Environments.

I plan to categorize materials under four headings:

Admin-tagged material will (thankfully) be rare, limited to a few notes like this one describing my editorial approach and providing other procedural notes.

Games, Sims, & ILEs: Substance-tagged content will provide summaries of—and reactions to—background readings and session presentations at the conference.

Metacommentary: Notes & Queries-tagged entries will relate ideas I have for instructional applications and research questions across the themes and technologies discussed at the conference.

Metacommentary: Session Structure-tagged material will pertain to the advantages and disadvantages of the way in which the conference itself was organized, reactions that will, of course, be useful only to those who—like me—organize a lot of public events.

That's about it, really . . . now I just need to get those notes written up :-)


  • Admin
  • Games, Sims, & ILEs: Substance
  • Metacommentary: Notes & Queries
  • Metacommentary: Session Structure

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