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This article, called "The Importance of Video in Delivering Research Insight," explains all of the ways that videos help people understand the basics about valuable research that people use to make conclusions about important topics. I was interested in reading about this because I feel like I learn more things when I watch videos about topics because there are sounds, graphics, pictures, etc. that make the information more exciting than just black and white font on a paper. The article goes into depth about how researcher Ted Frank made a presentation at a work conference about how important videos and pictures are when talking about research insights. He also states later in the article that pictures/videos can be very useful for focus groups, in depth interviews, etc. when trying to find research about people. He also included other tips, such as adding music, close-up pictures, adding an emotional connection with audiences, etc. to help people understand tough topics more easily. Overall, this article was really interesting because it described in depth about how important visual objects are for research insights and what researchers can do to make their studies more interesting to their participants.


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