Changes in Grocery Shopping Patterns

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Changes in Grocery Shopping Patterns driven by demos and technology
This specific article, "Changes in Grocery Shopping Patterns driven by demos and technology" caught my attention right away because we've learned about topics similar to this in class before. I thought the title was interesting because I started buying groceries online when I lived in the dorms freshman year, and since then I've been more dependent on buying groceries on the Internet (Gopher Grocery). The article goes into depth about how many more Baby Boomers and their kids are using the Internet to order groceries because they are more familiar with computers, are "busier" so they don't have time to run to the grocery store, and like that their groceries are delivered to their house so they don't have to leave. Online grocery shopping has become more popular, and the article gives statistics about how many people are joining online grocery shopping, how often they use it, etc. Therefore, this article relates to topics that we've learned in class because our society today has become very dependent on technology (specifically the Internet), so companies are changing their businesses so they fulfill their consumers' wants.


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