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After learning about in class, I decided to look it up on the Internet. I decided to look at all of the different kind of market research and volunteer opportunities that they have all over the USA, but the "Secret Shopper" stood out to me right away. Since I was a hostess for three years at a restaurant in Eden Prairie, MN, I'm used to the term "Secret Shopper." They are random people that sign up to become a "shopper" and get to go to different restaurants in the area (eat, drink, enjoy the atmosphere, etc.) and then grade the restaurant after they leave so it's confidential. This kind of information is extremely important to restaurants because they want every single customer to be happy with all of the services that they provide, and if the secret shoppers rate the restaurant low in anything then the managers know that they need to make changes (fire people, new meals on the menu, etc.) Therefore, I'm actually considering being a Secret Shopper because I've been "shopped" before at the restaurant that I worked at, so I would be interested in being on the "other side" of the experience.


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