PRSSA National Student Survey

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PRSSA National Student Survey
Although I receive a lot of emails from, I specifically wanted to take this survey because it's the "PRSSA National Student Survey" that is sent to every PRSSA member around the United States. Again, the consent form stated that taking the survey was completely voluntary, and they also used another free iPad as an incentive to take the survey, but I wanted to take this survey to see what kind of questions they asked every kind of PRSSA member. In addition, based off of the research that the researchers find from members' responses, they put a box at the end of survey to put your email so the researchers can send you information on what they concluded about PRSSA in general, what they plan on keeping the same and what they are changing for the future. This made me interested in taking the survey since I was an active PRSSA member my freshman year, I want to see how similar and different being in the club is because I'm thinking about joining again if it still seems fun.

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