Relationships with the In-Laws

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I chose two articles from Yahoo because I visit this website everyday and I always see articles about studies that interest me. This specific study talks about how different relationships with in-laws affect women and men differently. A good relationship with in-laws most likely improve marriage for men, but increases the chance of divorce for women (according to the study). Later in the article, researcher Dr. Orbuch says that in-laws are stressful for women and it is harder to form a strong bond with their husband if they are newly married. Overall, the article explains that every relationship with in-laws is different, but women tend to overthink and get more stressed out when being with their in-laws and their children, while men usually get along better with their in-laws (which overall helps the marriage most of the time). This study relates to what we've learned in class because the researcher studied 373 couples from ages 25-37 for a longitudinal study on marriage and divorce, and during the study she made theories, observed them, recorded data and made conclusions based off the information she learned.

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