U of M Focus Group Invite

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U of M- Focus Group Invite
Since I'm in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC), I received an email from the school to participate in a focus group about the Journalism Library that I study at quite a bit. Although it interested me since I study at this library a few times a week, I was busy during the times that the focus group was being held. In the description, it says that the Journalism Library is going to be changing and the people in charge wants to get feedback from students about what they like/don't like so they can make it better. I'm assuming the questions will be structured, semi-structured, and specifically with questions that are nominal but mostly open-ended so students can explain themselves fully. Therefore, the people in charge of the focus group will take the information that they gathered and put together ideas about what changes they can make that's in their budget but also tends to students' wants and needs.

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