U of M Health Behaviors of College Women

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U of M Health Behaviors of College Women Survey- Melissa Kwon
I'm assuming that I received this email to take this "U of M Health Behaviors of College Women Survey" because I'm a female student at the U of M. The first page reminded me that all of my answers are confidential and that taking the study was completely confidential. This study was different because I had to be a female, I had to be between the ages of 18-25, and I had to be a University of Minnesota student. Like a few other surveys I found, there was an incentive as well- a chance to win 1 of 24 $25 Target Giftcards. That especially made me want to take the survey because I love shopping at Target and since there was more than one prize (24 in total), I had a better chance of winning. The main point of the survey was for U of M women to explain what decisions they make about their personal health behaviors. The questions mostly consisted of open-ended questions, but also contained the basic type of survey questions (nominal, ordinal, ratio, and asked about my demographics, etc.)

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