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March 29, 2006


Why did the Homebrew group share every discovery they made?

They shared everything primarily because it was such a big deal when something new was found. They all worked together and becasue they shared everything technology advanced at a quicker speed. If the members of this group would have just kept their findings top themselves who knows what different things would have happened. Chances are that it would have been much later that the computer was perfected and software development to advance itself. It was very advantageous for people such as Steve Jobs because he could use other peoples findings and advance his own research and discoveries. My old history teacher always used to say that history was driven by impressing your friends and technology fits into that as well "impressing your friends". The 80s was the era of greed and everyone working for themselves. Not as much was accomplished during this time of greed because openness and sharing leads to more innovation and advancement. It is interesting to think of where this market would be and how far technology would be currently if people had not shared their findings with eachother.

March 20, 2006

Microsoft in 2005

Why do most all of Microsoft's products do so well?

Microsoft's is always looking for new ways for innovation and ways to expand thier markets. Microsoft thrives be the best in the technology industry. They invent new things and if they fail they tweak it and make it better in hopes that it will succeed. Microsoft spends millions of dollars every year on inovation and new products. Microsoft was first known for thier computers and software and then as this market grew they merged with cell phone companies and developed gaming systems (XBox). Microsoft not only strives to be the best in the computer/ software industry but penetrates the emerging markets and has impacted the entire technology industry. They are always on the cutting edge of technology and that is why their products do so well.

March 6, 2006


I guess i dont really have a question for this one, but I will write a short response instead. Audio books websites such as audible.com are a good idea and have a great potential for growth. I'd say there are a few target audiences, any person who spends a lot of time in the car and people ages 17-25. With books in this format people could listen to their books while working out or doing other activities such as knitting. I think the idea is good and offers potential for expansion to different markets. If books are available on tape now, what's next? This market is still in the process of growth and expansion but since this is already up and running, what are they conjuring up now? The technology industry as a whole is always on the move. Research and development is always being done to move forward. The possiblilities are endless. Creative minds came up with this idea that has been successful. Personally I have used an audio book (not from audible.com, I bought it in a store) and it was easy to use and very conveinient. I did not have time to read the whole 800 page book but I was going on a road trip and I could just pop the headphones in and listen.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a big part of internet activity amongst 12-25 year old people. Where will this market go next?

I think this market is booming largely in part to high school and college age people. One of my high shool teachers themed his class after the phrase, "History is driven by impressing your friends". This applies to this industry as well because people want to stay in touch with their friends and keep them updated on what they are doing and what they have acomplished. This industry is already expanding into things that are focused on college students such as facebook and high school student such as myspace. This isn't technically "instant" messaging but it has the same concept of staying in touch with friends and communicating. As for where this industry will go, I think it will expand to where you can create an entire profile with pictures and blogs and personal information. Currently you can write a blurb about yourself in your profile but that is the extent of it. I think this will expand but I dont see anywhere that the actual messaging can improve except for speed and they are continually updating that on a regular basis. There are now extensions of the current product that have made this "industry" advance to reach their target market.