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What would the benefits be of online gaming vs. video game consuls? And will online gaming ever take over video game consuls?

(I don’t know much about video games in general, so I just talked about the market)
One major advantage is the fact that it is very portable. Almost everyone has a computer in their home and I believe you can access your games from anywhere you just need your login and password. I think that this market will continue to go but never take over the video game consul industry. Video games are so why spread that I think it will always have more consumers in their market. Online gaming is a completely different way of gaming. Also with gaming in general, it is becoming more of a monopolistic market than anything. As mentioned in the reading, EA owns the rights to NFL and other sporting franchises. They produce games that have real names and bring this into real terms for many gamers who create a high demand and they have exclusive rights. I don’t know much about online gaming but one thing that was mentioned is that World of Warcraft is a high demand game and only available online. I think that eventually these two markets will combine and it will open the door to new innovations and change. There is a high externality effect now with video game consuls because they have the capabilities to go online and you can play against your friends in different locations. This is a start at integrating the two markets but much more needs to be done before this will happen. I don’t think it will be soon but somewhere in the next 10 years. The better video game consuls are already becoming more portable, Play Station Portable (PSP), and game boy has been around for a while.