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Helios Health

What is the advantage of this over things such as Web MD or other online sources such as colleges and such?

I think that the creators of Helios Heath would argue that the convenience factor is what sets them apart from other online resources in the heath field which I would disagree with. These kiosks would be located primarily in doctor’s office waiting rooms. If you are in the waiting room, most likely you are there to see a doctor about an illness. It is not very advantageous to me as the patient to look up my illness, figure out what is wrong and then go see the doctor so he can tell me the same thing. I think these kiosks would be more advantageous in drug stores or small convenience stores such as Walgreens or Snyders, you could walk in look up what you have and then get medication right there without even seeing the doctor. Most times when you have to see a doctor it is a pretty serious illness that requires a prescribed medication. These kiosks would be much more useful for things that could be cured with over the counter drugs. Also it said that these kiosks are targeting young mothers, this is not practical to be in waiting rooms for the simple fact that mothers spend most of their time in waiting rooms trying to entertain their children and keep them under control so they don’t disturb the other people in the waiting room. Young mothers would most likely use things such as Wed MD instead in the privacy of their own home while her children are napping or watching a movie. Overall I think this is a good idea but they need to tweak their business model a little bit. They need to figure out how they could reach this target market (mothers) better. Online database from home maybe?