Analysis: Progression of Information in story about Plane Crash in Western Indonesia

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by Sarah See

An example of structure and the progression of information was a story by the Associated Press about 18 people who died aboard a plane that crashed in Bahorok, western Indonesia.

The reporter summarized the important elements by getting right to the point with the who, what, where and when of the story and by attributing the source of the information in the lede.

The reporter ordered the information by news value, according to the inverted pyramid structure, and gave more details on the what, where, and when in the second paragraph.

The reporter continued the story by introducing and providing quotes from the head of the local search-and-rescue team and victims' relatives.

The reporter ended the story with some background on the aircraft and the related causes of transportation accidents in Indonesia in recent years.

It was effective because it presented the most important information first and was then organized by the arrangement of other key fact blocks.

It could have been done differently because it was longer than a news brief and shared characteristics with the kabob and martini glass structures.

If it followed the kabob, it could have focused more on how actual people were affected in the event, and if it followed the martini glass, it could have focused more on including the chronology of the story and explaining how the event unfolded.

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