Police kill deer inside St. Kate building

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by Sarah See

St. Paul police shot and killed a deer Wednesday evening after it broke through a window of a St. Catherine University building, according to the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press.

Police tracked down the large male deer after it busted through a window of the Coeur de Catherine building around 6 p.m., according to the Pioneer Press.

Students told police an unleashed dog had been chasing the six-point buck across the Highland Park university campus, according to the Pioneer Press.

The deer broke through an O'Neill Center for Academic Development window, which was about 18 inches off the ground, and an interior Sheetrock wall made of gypsum, according to the news reports.

After getting inside the building, which houses the campus center and classrooms, the deer took refuge in an emergency stairwell where it was shot, police spokesman Howie Padilla said.

Classes were in session in the building, police said.

Police decided to shoot the deer before it could get loose again, do more damage, or become a threat to students, Padilla said.

Animal control authorities were called to the scene but had not arrived by the time the deer was shot, a police official said.

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