My Letter to Betty McCollum

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It came to my attention that our government was spending money on ridiculous sports sponsorships for military recruiting efforts. My thoughts to Betty McCollum are in support of her proposal to stop this spending.

Dear Ms. McCollum,

I would first like to congratulate you on your win for another term as Congresswoman. I am a supporter of your mission, and have very similar beliefs in government spending. I want to thank you for your continued service to Minnesota and The United States. I am writing you today in support of your amendment to eliminate funding for professional sports sponsorships.
I believe sports in our country are an important aspect to our entertainment options, however I do not believe the amount of money they receive for sponsorships is appropriate. Events like the Super Bowl, March Madness and NASCAR draw a large commercial audience and the money businesses are willing to spend is increasingly becoming out of hand. That being said I have a hard time understanding how our government is willing to do the same. I do understand the importance of recruiting the best and brightest for our nations Armed Forces however I do not believe this should be achieved through million dollar sponsorships to have a logo plastered on a racecar. Those funds could be more appropriately spent on more effective means of recruiting, and advertising. Those funds could also be allocated to education, or simply paying back our nations debt.
I have read your opinion on this issue, and am happy to know you feel as strongly as I do on this issue. I would like to be informed of your progress in passing this amendment.
Thank you for your time,
Nicolette Seifert
University of MN Undergraduate

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