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Topic: Using Social Media Presence to Build Your Brand

It is becoming increasingly important for young professionals to not only have a presence online, but also a relevant, and professional one. Employers are becoming more aware of different platforms, and are impressed with our knowledge of the trends.


Intro: Why branding yourself online is key to gaining exposure

1.) Types of sites, outlets to be active on
2.) What ways to promote yourself
3.) How to interact with professionals, businesses or organizations

There is no denying the fact that the growth of social media in the past decade has drastically affected the way college students, and recent college graduates have applied for 'real-world' jobs. Current university upperclassmen, on average, have been a part of the Facebook community for around seven years. Pictures from high school dances, and slumber parties are among the first pieces of the online brand we are creating for ourselves. While we may not consider it entirely 'fair' for employers to snoop through our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, there is a way we can create a positive image, and effectively position our brands.
Some sites to be most active on include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It is important to remember that a social media presence isn't about quantity, but quality. If you are constantly adding new accounts, and abandoning others you may lose content quality, and important followers.
A high volume of posts won't necessarily help your brand presence, especially if you only tweet when you are out with friends, and post constant political statuses. It is important to show your versatility, and your knowledge of relevant topics. This is not to say stop posting personal thoughts or ideas! Employers want to see that you are on top of new trends in PR, and that you have a personality, hobbies, and/or creativity. Make sure you find the appropriate balance.
Promote yourself, and affectively post quality content. Remember that each site is different. Linking all of your tweets to your Facebook page may be efficient, but it's not original. Become interactive. Position your posts to allow your followers to comment, or like your content. Show your ability to obtain a following that appreciates your opinions or points of view.
Follow the businesses and organizations you are interested in, or are inspired by. Starting conversations with professionals is an easy way to create networks, and build relationships.
Create a LinkedIn account, and then actually use it! This is probably your only chance at having an entirely professional social media outlet, so let it shine! You can post articles, comment on group discussions, and create connections with some extremely valuable professionals.
However you approach your personal brand, remember that it will be viewed and analyzed by future employers, so put your best foot forward!

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