Global Seminars

The deadline to apply for Global Seminars through the Learning Abroad Office has been extended until March 13th.

To apply for a Global Seminar click here!

Amnesty International

Apply for an internship with Amnesty International.

For more information click here!

Minnesota AIDS Walk

Volunteer with the Minnesota AIDS Project and participate in the Minnesota AIDS Walk on May 17th.

Click here to find out how to register.

ReUse Center

If you have an interest in the environment then consider a student job or volunteer position with the University's ReUse Program.

Click here for more information.

IT Week

IT Week is a week long celebration for science, engineering, and math on campus.

Click here to check out their website.

First-Year Leadership Institute

Applications for the First-Year Leadership Institute are due mid-October.

What is the First-Year Leadership Institute?">Click Here!

Find online applications">here!

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