Inattentional blindness

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I think that one of the most interesting things we have learned about so far in psychology is the concept of inattentional blindness. I think that this topic is particularly important because of the large numbers of bikers in Minnesota. We watched that tv commercial about inattentional blindness and how unaware we all are of our surroundings when we are so focused on something else. Minneapolis is often cited as the most biker-friendly city in the United States, but I don't think that can ever be a true reality until more people see that commercial and realized that bikers should be higher on their minds while they drive.
After watching that video, I wondered how many things happen all around me that I don't even notice because I am so busy paying attention to other things. This article: also states that talking on a cell phone has been show to increase inattentional blindness while driving. Although I have seen many public service announcements and commercials about how it is a bad idea to talk on a cell phone while driving, I never really understood why. I think that if they included information about inattentional blindness or if more people were educated about this, they would listen to the suggestions about talking on a phone while driving. I know a lot of people that see those commercials and say "what are they talking about, I can talk on my phone and drive at the same time just fine; I'm a good multi-tasker." I doubt they would say that if they learned about inattentional blindness.

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