Two British reporters arrested in phone-hacking scandal

On Tuesday, two British reporters were arrested on suspicion of unlawfully intercepting phone messages, The New York Times reported.
According to the Los Angeles Times, authorities will not release their names but other media outlets have named them Neville Thurlbeck and Ian Edmondson.
Thurlbeck is the chief reporter for News of the World and Edmondson was the news editor of the same tabloid until he was fired in January of this year.
The two men allegedly hacked into the cell phones of movie stars, athletes and other celebrities, hoping to get information for their publication.
Public figures that have complained about their phones being hacked include actress Sienna Miller and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.
However, this is not the first time News of the World has had a run-in with the law.
In 2007, former reporter Clive Goodman spent time in jail for supposedly intercepting the messages of Prince William and Prince Harry to their aides.
According to the Los Angeles Times, News of the World is now under investigation for several breech-of-privacy lawsuits.
Before being released on bail, the homes of Thurlbeck and Edmondson were searched by detectives.

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