U.K. to discuss changes in royal succession rule

With the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton rapidly approaching at the end of this month, members of Britain's government are thinking about changes in the royal succession rule, the Associated Press reported.

As of right now, the rule states that the oldest son would inherit the throne, even if he has an older sister.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg called the current rule "old fashioned" and told reporters that he thinks "most people in this day and age would think it's worth considering whether we change the rules so that baby girl could become the future monarch."

However, the British government agreed that abolishing this rule would be a difficult process, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Along with requiring an act of the British Parliament, the new royal succession rule would have to get approval from 15 other Commonwealth countries since the current Queen of England holds the position of head of state in countries such as Australia.

''Even if they change the line of succession in the UK, that doesn't change it in Australia automatically,'' said constitutional lawyer George Williams in an interview. ''It would need to be followed through in every Commonwealth nation that has the Queen as the head of state.''

Although this has been discussed in the past, there is a push now for this law to pass since there may be a new royal child within the next year should Prince William and Middleton decide to start a family immediately.

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