Frank Big Bear Resource Links

Here are some of the links that I used to create my lesson plan and others that i found a long the way that might also be useful.

:: About the Ojibwe Culture ::
                The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe

                Objibwe Language and the Ojibwe Indian Tribe

                Mishoomis Collection

                NativeTech: Ojibwe Culture, Arts, History, Language & People

                Ojibwe Culture and History


                Minnesota Historical Society

:: Some Ojibwe Legends ::
                Canku Ota - How Fly saved the River

                Canku Ota - Muskrats

                Canku Ota - Theft of Fire

                Canku Ota - the Legend of the Snowbirds

                Canku Ota - Bats

:: About Frank Big Bear ::

                Frank Big Bear

                The Prolific Vision of Frank Big Bear

                Bush Foundation I Frank Big Bear

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