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Reflection to Project 1

This project was really interesting, I have never ever done animation on a computer before. It was so much fun and a learning experience for sure. Before this project, I didn't even know that you could do stuff like this in Photoshop. Who'd have thought!?! I never really ever have time to sit down and play with Photoshop, so this was great. It was certainly a little over whelming at first for not being very fluent in Photoshop and how things exactly worked the way that I wanted them to. I had fun making up my own little creature out of images that were collected by the class.


I think as an intro to animation, this project would be a good start to kids or even just the simpler additive Photoshop animation (simply drawn a little on a picture of someone, duplicate layer, draw a little more, duplicate layer, etc). Kids would be allowed to take funny picture of themselves and then draw on themselves to change what ever they want. It allows the kids to learn Photoshop tools, different operations that you can do using the program and to have fun while they are learning.


One thing that I might do a little more with kids is go a little slower and make sure that they know the tools and how each one works before really letting them loss to do their animations.


I think that this project is really great and will allow children to feel like little directors, making the movie, editing it, adding sound, EVERTHING!!! It is there own creation and they will be excited to do it!!!!

Still of Creature Animation 3

One last still from my creature animation for Digital Methods in Art Ed.

Still of Creature Animation 2

Another still from my creature animation for Digital Methods in Art Ed.

Still of Creature Animation 1

Here is one still I have from my creature animation/movie project for Digital Methods in Art Ed

Project 1: Creature Animation!!!

This is my creature animation for the first project in Digital Methods in Art Ed class. My class was asked to create a  creature and a background out of photos/images in five different categories (texture, face, animal, mechanical, landscape). To take that creature one step further we were asked to animate it using photoshop and imovie. So here is my final! Enjoy!!!!!

I call my little guy Frazzle the Flamfly (flamingo and butterfly).

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