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Reflection to Final Project

Wow!!! I am glad that I am done with the final product. But it turned out great. When I first come up with this idea, I didn't think that it was going to take me so long to do. But at the same time I can see how to could take me so long to do. I think that I spend more time in the planning process than was really needed. Also, in my animation, I have a lot of moving parts so it was pain staking to animate everything. Besides a few little jumps where I moved the background I think that the end product is really cool.

A simpler version of this project would make for a good lesson to do with kids (if there is a full computer lab there to use.

Final Project :: The Final Product

After all of the hard work, here is the final product of my Photoshop Animation!!!


Final Project :: Backgrounds

I had an idea in my mind of what I might want the background for the animations to be, but I was unsure what I would want to use. Also I was not a hundred percent sure if all of the ideas would work.





Fina Project :: Glow Bugs! Glow!

I wanted to see how each of the different styles of bugs should up on the background so i did a test.


Final Project :: Character Design

I when through a lot to get to my final choice of what I used in my animation. When I am in the pre-stages, I like to know what most of my options are before.

Characters :: Light Bulb Bugs






Final Project :: Color Palette

Here is the color palette that I choice to stick with through my animation:


Final Project :: Sketches + Storyboard

Just like with the digital workshop animation. I came up with a color palette, my characters, and backgrounds. The style that I was going for was kind of paper cut-outs and illustrator. I have always like the simple look of paper cut-outs.

Here is my pre-animation sketch work that I did to get to the animation stage and images that I was inspired by:



My Sketches and Storyboard:


Final Project :: Explanation + Concept

For my final project, I have decided to do another Photoshop animation. In this animation I will be using images that I have created in Illustrator and importing them into Photoshop so I can animate them.

Concept :

After listening to the radio and hearing Owl City "Fireflies", I decided that I wanted to animation with fireflies. But I also wanted to make animation where there is a little bit of a story to it. I didn't want to use straight, realistic fireflies and wanted to change them a little. To change them, I thought of using light bulbs for the bugs "butts". Instead of being called fireflies, they are called light bulb bugs.

There are some light bulb bugs that are just flying around in a field of poppies. One of the bugs comes along and his "butt" goes out. The bug is sad that his "butt" has just gone out, but there is one bug that comes in carrying another bulb for the bug to change into that works. After that is all said and done, the bug is happy again and goes flying off.

To make things even a little more interesting and after the suggestion from my professor, I thought that this animation would also be good to talk shortly about being eco-friendly. So instead of the replacement bulb being a regular bulb, it is now an eco-friendly bulb.

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