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:: AMAZING Disney Princess Cakes :: And ACE of Cakes ::

I was looking at designs for cakes, and I found this video of a Food Network Challenge. These cakes are AMAZING!!! They are very inspiring and gives gives me a lot of respect for people who do this as a living.


Food Network Challenge: Princess Cakes Final

Here is some examples of cakes I love from  "Ace of Cakes"

The Incredible 'Invisible' Man

I was just looking at some news clips online when I came across this video about this artist, Liu  Bolin, who blends himself into the backgrounds of his photographs. Some of them are really good and it is hard to see where he is. His artwork is really interesting and seems very time consuming. It is also interesting that he is commenting on  politics in China right now. Some of his pieces speaks about what China did to "beautify" the city of Beijing before the 2008 Olympics.

Here are a couple videos I found on YouTube about him and his work.

Can you find the 'Invisible' Man. :0)

"The Incredible 'Invisible' Man"

Artist Vanishes into Surroundings

China's "Invisible Man" Performs His Art, Try Spot Him!

Chinese Artist Disappears

Liu Bolin, el artista invisible

Make a Statement...with Your SHOES!

One of my fellow employees at work introduced me to this really cool thing! The shoe company Converse, gives you an option to design your own shoes! You can make one of a kind shoes to fit your own artistic style! The price of these isn't bad, about the same as their pre-designed shoes. Sadly, I was hoping that there was a way to upload images of your art to put on the shoes but you can. It is still really cool! If you like converse, you should check it out! Make a statement! The also have shoes the you can design that are part of the (PRODUCT)red campaign, a portion of the profits from the the shoes go to helping fight AIDS in Africa!

Make Your Own Converse!

Here is a website if you are interested in learning more about the (Product) Red campaign to fight AIDS in Africa.

Online Galleries - Show off Your Work!

Something that I have noticed recently was the number of websites that are out there that allow you to show your own account and post your work. They act as online galleries were people can view your work, comment on it, and even on some of the websites people can even buy prints of your art. There is enough a website that you can create your own little online store and place your artwork or photos on items like t-shirts and coffee mugs. Its kind of like being a famous artist like Van Gogh with his painting of starry night on bags and umbrellas! 

Here are some of those sites! There are probably many more out there that I haven't found but check them out! Or even start your own site and show the world your art!

DEVIANT ART is a website that allows you to post your work in different categories from photos to paintings, clothing design to flash designs. Whatever you make, you can post! It is FREE to join. It also allows you to post comments on peoples work and also gives you an option of selling prints of your work! If anything it is fun to go an look at what other people are doing right NOW!

ELFWOOD is another website that you can post your artwork. The one thing about this site is that it is more geared to the Fantasy and Sci-Fi realm of art. So if you like dragons and fairies this is a site for you. It is also FREE to join as well!

ARTSPAN is online gallery website that is geared more for artists that a producing art that want to sell it. It is not free to join and seems to be more for the "vets" of the arts. It is a place for contemporary and original pieces of art.

FANART-CENTRAL is another FREE online gallery that is more for those artists that are into doing fan art of their favorite movies, books, or shows. But is nevertheless another place to put your artwork out to be seen.

One last place you should look at if you are interest in textiles and putting your work on mugs, bags you name it! CAFEPRESS is a website that allows you to upload your artwork and select items for them to be sold on. There many different items you can choose from! It allows you set your price (giving you a base price for the item being printed on) and manage your store front! You get money for selling your art (the difference between your price and the base price)! There are at least two options, you can have a FREE store (which has limited items you can sell, and how many of each category you can sell) or you can pay a monthly fee and have unlimited items! It is a cool place to go see t-shirt designs and what is out there!

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