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Digital Art Workshop for Youth :: UMD

Here is a link to a Blog put together by my Professor about the Digital Workshop that my Digital Methods class did with a group of local middle school children.

Digital Art Workshop for Youth

Alison Aune :: Professor of Art Education at UMD

Alison Aune was one of my professors at UMD. I have had the opportunity of learning under her and seeing her amazoning artwork. Her inspiration comes of Sweden which is very interesting her work is very detailed.

UMD Art + Design

Here is a direct link to the Art + Design Department.

Tweed Museum of Art

Here is the Tweed Museum of Art website. This museum is a wonderful place to have on the UMD campus full of over 500 pieces of work. They have a lot of great opportunities available and a lot of helpful information.

University of Minnesota Duluth

Here is the main website for UMD. There is a lot of good information on the school. UMD has been a great place to learn how to be an art educator.

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