February 28, 2008

Graffiti Research Lab

Today I woke up and rushed to class. I missed the bus and consumed some gas when Andrea drove me to westbank.

cost: free for me
time:9:00 am
location:the streets
feeling: embarassed , and disappointed that I slept to late and need to rely on Andrea. Also that I have gotten so bad at attendance that I need to go to class today or I risk being kicked out.

I buy a coffee and apple fritter to keep my energy up. No time to go home.
location:Regis Center
feeling:excited about the lecture, conflicted about my reasons for going to another lecture. The opportunity to hear them speak seems so different than usual talks, their work is much more militant and exciting

After class the graffiti research lab is having a lecture in the influx gallery in the Regis center. I'm totally surprised that they give lectures at schools. During the talk I find out that one of the founding members now teaches at Parsons. Everything makes more sense. Their goal is to equip artists with innovative new tools to create public works in the world. The entire time they talk about how they want their work to be completely free and open source, which to a large extent it is. However they also talk about how the hate corporations for stealing their ideas and profiting off them. I think this is a little contradictory, we can all agree that corporations aren't all good, but once you put work and techniques out into the world its bound to take on an uncontrollable life of it's own. Corporations mostly suck but is it fair to say that the techniques are free for the taking, unless you're big business? I'm not set on any position, but I'm leaning towards "no". Especially since they said that they didn't care if their views aligned with the organization they lent they're services to.
cost: freeeeeee
location:West bank
feeling:energized, excited

At 5:00 there is a bike ride around campus to test the bike mounted projectors the "Art on Wheels" class has made. It's fun but I expected a trip around all of Minneapolis, we ended up only going around the U and projecting on a building right next to the art dept. This is the first time the bikes have been outside, so it's mostly a test run. It's still a lot of fun, I get to test out the lightwriting system.

cost: free
location:U of M
feeling: excited, engaged

A friend of mine is having a low key birthday dinner at Herkimers. I take the opportunity to try crab cakes. They are okay, but I've hyped them up in my mind for so long that they're disappointing. I also pay for Andrea's dinner. I owe her for some groceries. It's expensive but I want to wish him a happy birthday so it's fine.
cost: $31.00
time: 8:30pm
feeling: unexcited about spending this much money.

A clothing company I've liked for a while is having a sale. A $75 hoodie is down to $35. I decide to go for it because I want to support the artists, and the sweatshirt looks fairly well made. More construction than your average hanes hoodie.
cost: $35

Expensive day, geez

February 27, 2008

mmmkay v.2

I woke up and rushed to class, sans breakfast. Later on in the day hunger overwhelms me and I stop by Lori's with Andrea. I pay for her dinner as well. When I was younger my parents never wanted to eat at restaurants. We rarely went out to eat, partially because of money and partially because my parents just enjoy eating at home. Even when we did get food out, we usually brought it home to eat. Because of this, I have always had a special love for dining out. Every time I sit down at a restaurant table and order a meal it seems like a special occasion. I've realized that this has led to my less than frugal approach to food, even before we started this project, but I still end up falling into these binges where I barely eat anything at my own home. It's like a drug that's completely legal, and allows me to take a little time out from worrying about procrastinating, and looking for a job. It makes me feel ridiculous how many times I've considered getting addicted to cocaine, or meth instead. Then I'd get more done and have washboard abs.

cost: two bowls of vegetarian split pea, a juice, root beer, and ginger cookie come to $10.25.
feeling: Jaded

I bought some green onions and sour cream to make potato salad, because I have potatoes and they look delicious. I want to eat them before they rot like everything else I buy.
cost: $2.50
time: 12:30am
location: cub
feeling: strangely giddy

Tomorrow there's a lecture by Chip Kidd that everyone is excited about, I could care less. I don't mean to sound like I'm too cool for Chip Kidd, I love his work, but these design talks, and openings are starting to seem so fake. Everyone just shows up networks and leaves. The End. The idea of networking still seems terrible to me, even though its "so important to making it as a designer". If I ever introduce myself to any designer or artist its because I respect them and I don't expect anything from them in the future.

My education has helped me to realize that there is so much more in the world other than getting a job and designing. I want to help people, travel, live a sustainable existence. Before school life was just a one way street to me, you went to college chose a career that you loved, and worked your ass off until you died. Now life seems like an open field full of random adventure. I used to want to be a famous designer or artist, but now I just want to experience everything and hopefully leave the world slightly better than I recieved it.

February 26, 2008


I end up getting a pack of cheetos, twizzlers, and a bottle of water later on last night/early this morning.
location:House of Hanson

I use up several sheets of free paper that I recieved from my friend Dave, working on a stop motion animation all night. He worked at a paper factory last semester and occasionally gifted trunkfulls of 3 foot rolls of paper.
feeling:motivated, glad I have friends that give free stuff
location: the wake

Andrea has been on an Echo and the Bunnymen kick lately, so we listen to several of their albums last night. Along with using Pandora.com to listen to echo like stuff.
location:the wake office

After staying up all night, and going to classes and work all day, I am exhausted. At about 6:00 am this morning Andrea and I make plans to go see Sweeney Todd, as a reward for the nights work.

Before hand I get roped into watching a surprisingly entertaining anime called Kaleidostar, Hilary borrowed it to Andrea and now we are both trapped by it's addictive saccharine stories. Every title has the word "amazing", "distant" or both in it. I'm embarassed to enjoy shows like this, but they just hit that spot in my heart reserved for adorable garbage.
feeling:exhausted zombie

Andrea pays for Sweeney Todd for everyone that goes, a total of $10 for five people. I love the budget cinema, it reminds me of my childhood. My family used to exclusively go to budget theatres, and they all have the same smell, a mix of carbonated water, cleaning supplies, and popcorn grease.
cost: free for me
feeling: tired, relaxed
location:Roseville, budget

Afterwards I try to read Looking Closer but crash instead.

February 24, 2008

Crap spiral

We wake up late, in need of breakfast, once again my lazyiness defeats my need to save money. Breakfast at the Uptown diner. We split a shortstack of kamikaze pancakes and a cajun breakfast. It is a heart attack of hollandaise sauce, hashbrowns, eggs, and a thin layer of peppers and mushrooms. I'm pretty sure after this weekend there is a layer of hollandaise sauce coating my circulatory system.

cost: 17.00
time: 2:00pm
location: uptown diner
feeling: hungry and tired, happy that it feels like spring

Afterwards I feel slow and sluggish, we go to cub foods to prepare for what will most likely be an all nighter. I purchase a vitamin energy drink and some veggie chips.

cost: $5.70
time: 4:00pm
feeling: lazy and pessimistic

Too Much Consumption

We plan to go to too much love tonight, so I vote for a goodwill trip so that Ii can find something retarded to wear. I end up only finding things that are possibly useful. I've wanted a windbreaker for biking in the future, the shirt's colors are great and I get it for inspiration, the cd book is for my brother who I advised not to purchase a new one since I've seen millions of abandoned ones at goodwill. Everything is useful except for an amazing sequined american flag coin purse. It fulfills my need for a ridiculous purchase. Later I find out Andrea had seen it earlier, but she tried to hide it from me so that I wouldn't buy it. Foiled again Andrea, my crap detector finds all things useless and gaudy.

cost: 28.00 (surprisingly)
time: 4:00pm
location: goodwill
feeling: tired of all of my stuff

Afterwards we go to golooney's for a pizza. I'm realizing i probably spend 75% of my money on Pizza
cost: 19.00 (surprisingly)
time: 6:00pm
location: Golooney's
feeling: Lazy hungry

That night we go to Too much Love. dancing is fun but by the end of the night we succumb and by 2 tall boys of pbr. We consider sharing one, but I spring for two since sharing one seems really pointless to me at the time. guh. Parking is 4.00 but Andrea springs for it
cost: $13.50
feeling: happy tired and beer thirsty
location: first ave

Parental pizza

I finally make it out to bloomington to makeup the dentist appointment I missed about a month ago. While I am in bloomington, I stop by my house and my mom gives my $40, and some fried noodles. I love visiting home, especially when I am hungry, which is all the time.
cost: insurance covered dental
time 11:00am
feeling: tired
location: bloomington

Tonight I planned to go to see a budget movie with Andrea but things didn't work out so we just ended up going to get pizza at Pizza Luce later that night. We get a Pizza Athena and a pitcher of Summit extra pale ale. It is delicious and some of our friends show up. Zac's parents show up as well and pay for our pizza. Holy awesome.

cost:$30ish free for me
feeling:lazy and in love with pizza
location: pizza luce

Afterwards we go to a friends house. media consumed: dark knight trailer, surface magazine, and oprah.
cost: free
feeling: lazy and not ready to sleep
location: tylermers house

February 21, 2008

the jam

Woke up and tried to drive to class, car won't start so I take the bus. I do get to take a shower due to the extra time waiting for the next bus. a dollop of pantene
feeling:defeated, but happy since I got to take a shower due to the extra time waiting for the next bus

Printed off some copies of my paper for senior seminar

hungry and stranded, subway is my solution. footlond turkey, bag of chips and a grapefruit juice
location:st. paul
feeling:trapped by the st. paul campus. The atm is broken so I can't get cash to eat at Mim's or Lori's. I hate paying so much for crappy food.

Reading Kelly Link while I eat.
location:student center

I rid the connector to an east bank class. It is packed no room for reading. I manage to listen to one song on my ipod before it dies. Luckily it is a good one "That's entertainment" by the Jam. Put's me in a good mood for the rest of the bus ride, and it is still light out! Spring is coming I can feel it.
location:the bus
feeling:sluggish and in need of some music to cheer me up


Lately I have been consumed by css. I've been lazily trying to learn for a year or so, not really getting anywhere. After the quick lesson from shekey the other day I feel like I can understand it a little better. As a result my interneting has recently involved a lot of trips to alistapart and viewing the source files for websites I like.

cost: free
time: pretty much anytime my mind wanders near a computer.
feeling: motivated
location: apartment and McNeal

I also spent about an hour checking the sites I check everyday ( Newstoday, Rollernews, be-mag, facebook, mail, fecalface). I check myspace for dan deacon, a musician I've been obsessing about lately, to find out that he has posted about half a gig of old albums on his site. Such a score. I have been interested in experimental electronic stuff, for it's do it yourself quality, but a lot of times the music that is a result isn't really enjoyable to me. Dan Deacon makes retarded fun dancy music, I am always a fan of people that are able to channel such pure happy energy. I've also been listening to a lot of Devo, Talking Heads, and Feist. Devo, The Talking Heads and Dan Deacon have been the soundtrack to my recent obsession with postmodern theory. What better than Post-Punk and some fat guy with some found musical instruments? Valo keeps using Feist in their edits and I've realized that she's not as boring as I once thought. There is so much music in the world I have given up on music snobbery. I'd rather use my energy elsewhere, being a douchebag is too much work. That goes for all snobbery design or otherwise.

cost: free, stolen, or actually free
location: lab and home
feeling: motivated, that feeling you get when a band seems to know exacly what you need.
time: 9 - 12:30 music and interneting
8:00-10:00 interneting

I've also started reading some short stories by Kelly Link. Andrea introduced her to me a couple nights ago and I am now a big fan. I've realized that what I love about short stories is their ability to have eerie open endings. Her stories have a bizarre and subdued atmosphere that I really like. They remind me of tomer hanuka's half of the Bipolar series. I want to make comics out of all of her stories.
cost: free
location: mcneal 2nd floor, apartment
time: 4:00pm, 10:00pm
feeling: enthralled, excited about reading again

This morning I have to take the 3 to the wake office because I forgot my paycheck there. Since I'm going to pick up my paycheck I might as well treat myself to breakfast/lunch
2 slices of Duffy's pizza, vitamin water
cost: 5.98 and 1.60
location: duffy's and the house of hanson
time: 12:30pm
feeling: hungry, mad at winter

Tonight I consume a quiche andrea made last night. Who is the genius that decided to put an omelette in a pie crust? I want to travel back in time and give her/him a sloppy kiss.

cost: ? free for me
location: apartment
time: 7:30pm
feeling: Andrea is the best quicher on the planet.

February 20, 2008

When I asked if bugs have hearts I didn't mean it in an emo way. Do they actually have beating hearts? I guess I never thought about what was inside of their exoskeleton.

Bus to client meeting 87 and the campus connector
cost: prepaid
time: 9:30am
feeling: tired, I do not want to go to this meeting
location: bus system

The meeting was pretty frustrating. Everybody talked a lot and I wasn't really able to get a word in. From my perspective, everyone is saying they want the same thing but they don't realize it. shweet. After I get to McNeal, I would normally snack on something but I don't have enough spare change. Denied!

Bringing up oyster crackers in class today reminds me that I still have a bag. I test their versatility by adding them into a sandwich. Turns out it works.
cost: prepaid
feeling: hungry, rushed I have to get to class
location: apartment

After portfolio I have to go to the Wake to finish up my page. Shekey informs me of an $11.00, 20in pizza. Purchase of one is immediately negotiated. It isn't that great, but really it is.
cost: $5.00 that I owe
time: 9:45pm
feeling: energized by the prospect of pizza, I am starting to feel the effects of my nonexistent sleep schedule
location: the wake

I drive back and forth to the wake. It is cold as balls outside. Bussing and biking are not an option in my mind anymore.
cost: I've been riding the low gaslight for four days
time: 9:00pm
feeling: I hate winter
location: everywhere

After finishing up some loose ends I internet for a while to relax.
erickillsforfun.com - flickr
fecalface.com - maya hayuk interview
rollernews.com - new?
be-mag.com - new?
facebook.com - pointlessness
cost: free
time: 11:00pm
feeling: tired
location: apartment

February 19, 2008


Back to school. I actually manage to get a lot accomplished today, which puts me in a good mood

Bus rides
location:U of M

I don't have my animation filmed yet, due to last weeks illness so I spend the class time reading up CSS on Alistapart.com, and downloading rollerblading sections off rollernews.
time: 9:30am
feeling: behind
location: Regis center

Small coffee, cinnamon roll donut thing
cost: $3.00
time: 12:00am
feeling:sleepy, nothing
location: Dunn Bros in Wilson Library

Off to Target for the splurchase, and I pay for Andrea's stuff
feeling:anxious about projects that need to be finished tonight, guilty about using Andrea's car while mine is so unreliable

Sick week day 6: rise of the nosferatu

My family visits, bringing with them Banh mi's from Quang. yumm
cost: free for me
time: 1:00pm
feeling: happy
location: apartment

I take advantage of smart friends and gain some CSS knowledge via the illustrious Aaron Shekey
cost: free
time: 3:00pm
feeling: at ease
location: The Wake office

Dinner at Golooney's, my favorite pizza place. two huge slices and a fountain drink for $6.50. And they have meatball pizza! And the workers are usually telling ridiculous stories to each other. "So I was dating this blind girl with scoliosis ... "
cost: $6.50
time: 6:00pm
feeling: finally healthy
location: Golooney's

Back to cub for some essentials. Damn this place.
cost: $8.00
time: 12:00am
feeling: energetic, Andrea is now healthy again huzzah!
location: Cub



back to wark

I am mildly better and manage to get to work. I don't spend any money today but I do manage to spend a lot of time spacing out on the internets.

cost: free
time: all day ya'll
feeling: in a haze
location: apartment, work

Sick week day 4: Return of teh Jedi or Happy Valentines day or the story of Riki


The constant sleeping is starting to get to me everyday seems the same except the school hole I am digging myself into is getting deeper and deeper. I am also sick of going to Cubfoods

Watching family guy and the Simpsons has become part of our sick person routine. At least I get to spend time with my gal.
cost: free
time: 5:00pm
feeling: giggly, pukey
location: apartment

Another part of the routine is me running to cub for supplies. I attempt to stock up.
orange gatorades, water, vegetable broth, chicken noodle soup, oyster crackers
cost: $19.75
time: 8:00pm
feeling: hopeful, steely
location: Cub

It's Valentine's day. As I feel the need to do something special I try to figure out if it's because I've been told to by society, or if I just want to cheer up Andrea after a solid week of illness. It's a little of both but mostly the latter. I stop by Target for a movie to brighten our spirits. Target is filled with sad looking people and obnoxious PDA's. If I wasn't already puking all the time, I would vomit everywhere.

Little shop of horrors
cost: $10
time: 8:30pm
feeling: Hopeful, on a mission
location: Target

Sick week day 3: revenge of the sith


I feel somewhat better, and unwisely decide to test my new health by eating an entire pizza. Bad

gatorades, water, Pizzas
cost: $15.48
time: 11:00pm
feeling: hopeful, dizzyish, fuzzy from sleeping so much
location: Cub foods

We watch family Guy and the simpsons again, it brings joy. I never get to watch these shows anymore.
cost: free
time: 5:00pm
feeling: giggly, pukey
location: apartment