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January 31, 2008

stress cakes

Today I spend most of the day recovering from previous all nighters. My consumption today just like everyday is mostly food and media.

shower, shampoo, bodywash, conditioner
mood: sleepy
cost: apartment paid water
location: apartment

breakfast: boca chicken patty sandwich and a vitamin water
mood: sleepy
cost: prepaid
location: apartment

Lunch: Turkey Sub from Big ten, criscut fries, large coke, and a cheese sub for the lady
time: 8:00pm
mood: hungry, happy, amazed at the human bodies ability to adjust to cold, maybe I just have hypothermia
cost: 14.14
location: BigTen subs east bank

Snack: big KitKat
mood: bored, unmotivated
cost: $1.00
location: McVendingmachines

Media: WoosterCollective, eyeteeth, rollernews, valo-brand, be-mag, bbcnews, fecalface, brooklyn vegan
mood: bored, unmotivated
cost: FREEE
location: McLAb 305

I more or less check these sites out of boredom. Valo-brand get's my attention for having the best design in rollerblading, although they still kind of suck, and having frequent updates of video clips. I download some Mp3s from brooklyn vegan since they have some songs featuring beirut, one of my favorite frenchhorn playing, gypsy dancing, fakemustache wearing whiteboys.

The United States of American Gladiators


To the naked eye American Gladiators may seem to be a brainless show, devoid of cunning, or even the slightest bit of brain activity beyond the brain stem. Under closer inspection the show reveals several themes and critiques of contemporary life: man vs. woman, immigrants vs. natives, hardwork vs. apathy, and the futility of capitalism.

Man vs. Woman
The show seems to reassert that women are weaker than men. During the first event, the single mother is injured. Rather than being beaten by the gladiators she is defeated by twisting her own ankle. The worst enemy a woman can have is a sense of ambition. Her role is to raise her children within the home. When she leaves to try and support her family she only destroys herself. As this first event closes Hulk Hogan announces, “ Now we’re getting serious, here come the guys.? In the last event as the women try to navigate their way across the balance beam they both fall flat on their faces unable to handle the descent. The men navigate the balance beam easily and the camera hardly pauses on this section. By the end of the show the women are breathless, their faces twisted in agony. The men seem only slightly tired by their trials. Does this mean that women aren’t capable of handling themselves in a man’s world of aggression and competition?

Immigrants vs. Natives
After she badly injures herself the American born, mother of three is removed. Her replacement is an Asian woman whose parents “crossed an ocean so she could be here.? “Them imigantz is taken hour jobs!? On a related note, all of the Gladiators yell threats at the contenders. While most of them speak English, Toa, a “savage? from some unknown rainforest, screams threats in what is supposedly his native tongue. What are the odds it was just gibberish?

Initiative vs. Apathy
In the end, the heroic firefighter champions over the lazy skateboarder dad. While the firefighter only gives words of praise to the gladiators and his opponent, conducting himself with perfect manners, the skateboard dad yells insults and seems indifferent about his consistent defeats. In the end his blindly optimistic attitude is crushed by the firefighter’s persistence.

Futility of Capitalism
In the pyramid event the two contestants must fight against the gladiators to reach the peak. The gladiators (big business) crush the contestants (general public). They hold an advantage, being higher up the mountain (having more capital, power). In the end no one succeeds in reaching the top of the pyramid. If they were to work together, they could all reach the top, but instead competition ruins their chances of a greater good. There are referees (laws) present to ensure that the game is played fairly. However they never intervene, even when one of the contestants is hurt so badly she isn’t able to stand.

The spectacle of American Gladiators is most likely not conveying these themes consciously. More realistically, these symbols have been embedded into our collective mind and are now being fed back to us in easily digestible hour-long segments of toil, sweat, and bronzer.

January 29, 2008

hibernation food

I wake up sick this morning after staying up late finishing projects. I also wake up several hours after my first two classes. sweeeeet. I bike up to campus for a fitting, and realize it is incredibly cold outside. I seek warmth with a bowl of vegetable chili and a dr. pepper, from Lori's.

I end up having to stay on campus late. Hunger strikes and I spend $5 at the vending machines in McStink. A coke, pack of vanilla sandwich cremes, bag of dutch crunch chips, and an instantly regretted double cheeseburger pack are my prizes.

oh yah fershure

I pulled another all nighter meaning high quantities of coffee, quaker oats squares, chips, and one cucumber, hummus, chips sandwich . It's mostly stress eating fueled by latenight deadline crazyness.

cost: prepaid
time: 3:00 am - 10:00 am
mood: anxious, frightened in a business kind of way
location: in front of my computer.

I also end up giving myself quick breaks to keep my sanity, by randomly checking the internets. I check rollernews, facebook, ebay, wikipedia, and fecalface.

cost: free
time:3:00 am - 10:00am
mood: anxious, stressed
location: computer

After crashing for a couple hours I bike to campus for an advisor meeting, and print off two 8.5 x 11 pages of roughs for a meeting.

cost: free
time: 4:00
mood: calm
location: mcneal 240

I recieve a reassuring phone call from the designer I'm doing illustrations for. I have been nervous about this project all weekend. They are up to par, and now we're waiting for feedback. I'm instantly more relaxed. A huge weight has been lifted. Andrea and I take a reluctant trip to the rosedale mall, to take advantage of free chipotle coupons that came in the mail. While we are there I purchase a copy of Swindle at the Borders, and chip and guacomole to accompany my free burrito at chipotle.

cost: about $9.80
time: 7:00pm
mood: relaxed, good spirits
location: roseville

burrito, chips, guacamole
cost: about $2.13
time: 7:30pm
mood: relaxed, good spirits
location: roseville

January 28, 2008


I wake up midday after a long all nighter. There is no time to make anything, I feast on a handful each of regular chips, and quaker oat squares.

price: prepaid
time: 4:00 pm
mood: hungry, drowsy, robotronic
location: apartment

After trying futilely to do some work I end up watching two podcasted episodes of diary of a foodie and eating some sort of delicious potato, green peppers, onion, mushroom, and cheese bake, an egg and some chunks of tofu to make myself feel healthy. Plus cheese and crackers and some wine. and my daily cocktail of vitamins and allergy pills

price: prepaid
time: 5:00 pm
mood: still hungry, tired of doing work
location: apartment

more werkin

Another day of sleepy work. I buy nothing today and other than food I consume only electricity and heat.

whT A horrible shitstorm

I spend all day trying to pull together various projects that seem to have no end. I consume little today other than electricity, and heat.

I eat cereal, coffee, and vitamins for breakfast.

Showering today I use, some all natural soap, pantene, and facial scrub. plus 2 qtips.

later my girlfriend trades a ride from Mcneal for a taco bell dinner. It is $3. 72 worth of cheesy gordita cancer.

January 26, 2008


So after some details were cleared up in class, this project seems a lot more manageable. I seem to have gone a little crazy with what consumption means. For the rest of the day I don't consume much as far as physical objects or exchanges of goods. I don't have time to eat anything but twizzlers, chips, and a vitamin water I brought from home until about 10:00 pm tonight. At that point I throw together a quick meal, and feast as I internet. I check Universal everything, vice, juan francisco casas, threadless, iso50, mcad design club's blog, epicly laterd, facebook, brooklyn vegan, design observer, and rollernews. A post about Heath ledger's death on brooklyn vegan sends me into a dark night frenzy. I haven't seen the trailer before and it seems like it will be badass. gwaaaaaaaaaaaa

cost: free
feeling: mentally exhausted
time: 10:00pm til late
location: apartment

January 24, 2008

more piano money


Ride the 3 to class.

cost: onetime $65 buspass
feeling: cold and lazy
location: como and raymond
time: 8:30am

I want to take my time and get a quality keyboard. In the meantime I have to buy practice time in ferguson hall.

cost $45 to student account
feeling: indifferent
location: ferguson hall
time: 10:00am

Interneting, I reflexively check rollernews, be-mag, fecalface, designiskinky, and cpluv to avoid doing work for another 20 minutes. Then listen to MPR news as I work on Illustrations for a freelance job.

cost: free
feeling: anxious, I have entirely to much work that I have been putting off.
location: McSuck 305
time: 11:00am

Do bugs have hearts?

I started the day by being late to a dentist appointment. This costs me $10 of gas to get to bloomington and back. I never feel like spending more than 10 dollars on gas at a time, meaning that I spend a lot of time testing how far you can go on the empty light.

Cost: $10
time: 10:30 am
Feeling: indifferent
Location: BP in bloomington

In an attempt to find an alternative to the current on the radio I end up listening to MPR. I've been terrible at keeping up with current events for most of my life but I've been trying to keep up as of late. They're interviewing Muhammad Yunus a nobel peace prize winner I have, not surprisingly, never heard of him. He's famous for his use of microloans to combat poverty. His ideas about economics and human nature are really amazing and I feel like a retard for never hearing of him before.

Cost: free
time: 10:45 am
Feeling: enlightened, restless, like I've been living in a cave for thirty years
Location: the vantron

I've been trying to be healthier lately so that means trying to eat breakfast. Cereal is okay, but I need something meatier. Plus a cocktail of vitamins, and allergy pills. The day has just begun and all I want to do is lay on the ground and ignore all of my responsibilities.

cost: freeish
time: 11:30am
feeling: apathetic
Location: apartment

I need to spend less time melting my brain with the internet. One site leads to the next and I'm on autopilot for about an hour

cost: free
time: 11:45am
feeling: apathetic
Location: apartment

I'm taking a piano class at the U, because I want to learn how to make beats and rock stadiums. However This means I have to by a textbook. The pricetag reminds me why I hate going to the U bookstores. I spend about 45 minutes contemplating whether or not to shoplift the book. They've added new cameras and I don't feel like being a sketchy bastard, so I end up paying for it. I'm never fast enough to tell them I don't need one of their hideous bookstore bags. CURSES! While I cased the bookstore I read a copy of Juxtapoz as cover.

cost: $79.95
time: 3:00 pm
feeling: internal struggle
Location: umn bookstore

I tried to bike to campus today and was reminded how much of a fatty winter makes me. Apparently I no longer have any tolerance for cold. By the time I get back all I want to do is fill my face with warm food. Dinner consists of things that will make me warm.

cost: freeish
time: 7:30 pm
feeling: frozen
Location: apartment

While writing this post my ladyfriend puts on Conan. Chapelle and common are guests!

cost: free
time: 11:50pm
feeling: lazy
location: apartment

January 23, 2008

Welcome to my whorage

Photo 513.jpg
Hello, I am Jeremy. This is how I will appear for the next several months. Bundled in layers, and hunched over a keyboard, glowing with the unnatural light of my computer.

This project comes at a strange time for me as my new year's resolution was to consume less.

I have yet to keep a resolution, so we'll see how this goes.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Would be proud

My friends and I celebrate one of the greatest figures in civil rights history by going to Valu Thrift and buying copious amounts of second hand treasure. In honor of the day they are offering a storewide 50% off sale. Success! We discuss if MLK would be happy with the current state of the country, and whether or not the hats I have found will give me lice. The answer to both is "probably."

Valu Thrift: $10.52
State of Mind: Free at last? nope just garbage.

hungry hungry jeremy


The first day of my last semester at this blessed university has come to an end. I celebrate by spending my entire grocery budget on cereal, hummus, and other assorted foods that have no hope of sustaining me for the alloted 2 weeks.

location: CUB
total: $30.26
mood: more excited about my future in the design world than I have been in several months.