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So after some details were cleared up in class, this project seems a lot more manageable. I seem to have gone a little crazy with what consumption means. For the rest of the day I don't consume much as far as physical objects or exchanges of goods. I don't have time to eat anything but twizzlers, chips, and a vitamin water I brought from home until about 10:00 pm tonight. At that point I throw together a quick meal, and feast as I internet. I check Universal everything, vice, juan francisco casas, threadless, iso50, mcad design club's blog, epicly laterd, facebook, brooklyn vegan, design observer, and rollernews. A post about Heath ledger's death on brooklyn vegan sends me into a dark night frenzy. I haven't seen the trailer before and it seems like it will be badass. gwaaaaaaaaaaaa

cost: free
feeling: mentally exhausted
time: 10:00pm til late
location: apartment