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Sick week day 4: Return of teh Jedi or Happy Valentines day or the story of Riki


The constant sleeping is starting to get to me everyday seems the same except the school hole I am digging myself into is getting deeper and deeper. I am also sick of going to Cubfoods

Watching family guy and the Simpsons has become part of our sick person routine. At least I get to spend time with my gal.
cost: free
time: 5:00pm
feeling: giggly, pukey
location: apartment

Another part of the routine is me running to cub for supplies. I attempt to stock up.
orange gatorades, water, vegetable broth, chicken noodle soup, oyster crackers
cost: $19.75
time: 8:00pm
feeling: hopeful, steely
location: Cub

It's Valentine's day. As I feel the need to do something special I try to figure out if it's because I've been told to by society, or if I just want to cheer up Andrea after a solid week of illness. It's a little of both but mostly the latter. I stop by Target for a movie to brighten our spirits. Target is filled with sad looking people and obnoxious PDA's. If I wasn't already puking all the time, I would vomit everywhere.

Little shop of horrors
cost: $10
time: 8:30pm
feeling: Hopeful, on a mission
location: Target