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Sick week day 6: rise of the nosferatu

My family visits, bringing with them Banh mi's from Quang. yumm
cost: free for me
time: 1:00pm
feeling: happy
location: apartment

I take advantage of smart friends and gain some CSS knowledge via the illustrious Aaron Shekey
cost: free
time: 3:00pm
feeling: at ease
location: The Wake office

Dinner at Golooney's, my favorite pizza place. two huge slices and a fountain drink for $6.50. And they have meatball pizza! And the workers are usually telling ridiculous stories to each other. "So I was dating this blind girl with scoliosis ... "
cost: $6.50
time: 6:00pm
feeling: finally healthy
location: Golooney's

Back to cub for some essentials. Damn this place.
cost: $8.00
time: 12:00am
feeling: energetic, Andrea is now healthy again huzzah!
location: Cub