February 11, 2008



I went to the gym for the first time since freshman year. All I want to do is ride my bike and skate but my mild dislike for minnesota weather has become an extreme distaste for being even slightly cold. It's been getting in the way of me doing anything. Sometimes I just want to start myself on fire so I can be warm all the time.

cost: some sort of ridiculous student fee
feeling: energized
time: 8:00pm
location: St.Paul gym

February 10, 2008


Woke up around noon incredibly hungry. Andrea and I had planned to go to the Jasmine Deli yesterday but we hibernated instead. We've been lazily looking for a place with vegetarian noodle soup for so long, and this place fits the bill. They even have mock duck banh mi. I've been wanting to share these sandwiches with Andrea for along time, I've been eating them since forever, but she's a vegetarian and traditional banh mis definitely have weird meat in them. Overall great experience, ran into an old friend, heard some nostalgic songs, and our waiter made fun of his coworkers to us. That's service! We end up getting two more sandwiches for the road. I have no self control

4 banh mis, 2 bowls of noodles, and tip
cost: $27.50
time: 4:00pm
feeling: content, nostalgic, excited
location: Jasmine Deli

I am super stuffed. When we get back to the apartment I take a huge dump while reading looking closer and drink some squirt to calm my belly.

19 squares of toilet paper
time: 5:00
feeling: like a fatty
location: apartment

Looking Closer
time: 5:00
feeling: like a contemplative fatty
location: apartment

1 can of squirt
cost: pre paid
time: 5:00
feeling: digestive
location: apartment