February 19, 2008



I realize class is canceled, but only after I've made the trek to west bank. I ducked into Wilson library to avoid the cold and decide to take advantage of the situation and get some reading material. I'm not anywhere near as well read as I'd like to be, catching up has been a recent passion of mine. Introducing postmodernism opened up a wealth of sources for writing on theoretical topics that I have been thinking about for the last few years. It is really exciting to discover that these ideas aren't just spacy thoughts of mine. I checkout a Foucalt reader, and Guy Debord and the Situationist International.

cost: free, student fees
time: 9:30am
feeling: excited, motivated, hopeful
location: Wilson Library

A short nap turns into rushing to work. I realize I am super hungry and I visit the student center in hopes of their strangely fluffy and expensive pizza. I am foiled again by the ridiculously early closing times and decide to visit Mim's instead for a greasy and surprisingly undercooked cheeseburger and fries. Mmm good. As I eat I think about the effects of e.coli poisoning and how I will most likely be experiencing them soon.

feeling:hungry, disappointed, dreading work
location: Mim's

After work I arrive at my girlfriend's apartment to find her sleeping off a hardcore case of the flu. I then realize my aches are slowly turning into fever aches. The evening is spent spiraling into a full blown flu. To top things off it's our 3rd year anniversary. We celebrate with Advil.

feeling:sick, apathy bordering on sadness
location: apartment