February 20, 2008

When I asked if bugs have hearts I didn't mean it in an emo way. Do they actually have beating hearts? I guess I never thought about what was inside of their exoskeleton.

Bus to client meeting 87 and the campus connector
cost: prepaid
time: 9:30am
feeling: tired, I do not want to go to this meeting
location: bus system

The meeting was pretty frustrating. Everybody talked a lot and I wasn't really able to get a word in. From my perspective, everyone is saying they want the same thing but they don't realize it. shweet. After I get to McNeal, I would normally snack on something but I don't have enough spare change. Denied!

Bringing up oyster crackers in class today reminds me that I still have a bag. I test their versatility by adding them into a sandwich. Turns out it works.
cost: prepaid
feeling: hungry, rushed I have to get to class
location: apartment

After portfolio I have to go to the Wake to finish up my page. Shekey informs me of an $11.00, 20in pizza. Purchase of one is immediately negotiated. It isn't that great, but really it is.
cost: $5.00 that I owe
time: 9:45pm
feeling: energized by the prospect of pizza, I am starting to feel the effects of my nonexistent sleep schedule
location: the wake

I drive back and forth to the wake. It is cold as balls outside. Bussing and biking are not an option in my mind anymore.
cost: I've been riding the low gaslight for four days
time: 9:00pm
feeling: I hate winter
location: everywhere

After finishing up some loose ends I internet for a while to relax. - flickr - maya hayuk interview - new? - new? - pointlessness
cost: free
time: 11:00pm
feeling: tired
location: apartment