February 21, 2008


Lately I have been consumed by css. I've been lazily trying to learn for a year or so, not really getting anywhere. After the quick lesson from shekey the other day I feel like I can understand it a little better. As a result my interneting has recently involved a lot of trips to alistapart and viewing the source files for websites I like.

cost: free
time: pretty much anytime my mind wanders near a computer.
feeling: motivated
location: apartment and McNeal

I also spent about an hour checking the sites I check everyday ( Newstoday, Rollernews, be-mag, facebook, mail, fecalface). I check myspace for dan deacon, a musician I've been obsessing about lately, to find out that he has posted about half a gig of old albums on his site. Such a score. I have been interested in experimental electronic stuff, for it's do it yourself quality, but a lot of times the music that is a result isn't really enjoyable to me. Dan Deacon makes retarded fun dancy music, I am always a fan of people that are able to channel such pure happy energy. I've also been listening to a lot of Devo, Talking Heads, and Feist. Devo, The Talking Heads and Dan Deacon have been the soundtrack to my recent obsession with postmodern theory. What better than Post-Punk and some fat guy with some found musical instruments? Valo keeps using Feist in their edits and I've realized that she's not as boring as I once thought. There is so much music in the world I have given up on music snobbery. I'd rather use my energy elsewhere, being a douchebag is too much work. That goes for all snobbery design or otherwise.

cost: free, stolen, or actually free
location: lab and home
feeling: motivated, that feeling you get when a band seems to know exacly what you need.
time: 9 - 12:30 music and interneting
8:00-10:00 interneting

I've also started reading some short stories by Kelly Link. Andrea introduced her to me a couple nights ago and I am now a big fan. I've realized that what I love about short stories is their ability to have eerie open endings. Her stories have a bizarre and subdued atmosphere that I really like. They remind me of tomer hanuka's half of the Bipolar series. I want to make comics out of all of her stories.
cost: free
location: mcneal 2nd floor, apartment
time: 4:00pm, 10:00pm
feeling: enthralled, excited about reading again

This morning I have to take the 3 to the wake office because I forgot my paycheck there. Since I'm going to pick up my paycheck I might as well treat myself to breakfast/lunch
2 slices of Duffy's pizza, vitamin water
cost: 5.98 and 1.60
location: duffy's and the house of hanson
time: 12:30pm
feeling: hungry, mad at winter

Tonight I consume a quiche andrea made last night. Who is the genius that decided to put an omelette in a pie crust? I want to travel back in time and give her/him a sloppy kiss.

cost: ? free for me
location: apartment
time: 7:30pm
feeling: Andrea is the best quicher on the planet.