February 24, 2008

Parental pizza

I finally make it out to bloomington to makeup the dentist appointment I missed about a month ago. While I am in bloomington, I stop by my house and my mom gives my $40, and some fried noodles. I love visiting home, especially when I am hungry, which is all the time.
cost: insurance covered dental
time 11:00am
feeling: tired
location: bloomington

Tonight I planned to go to see a budget movie with Andrea but things didn't work out so we just ended up going to get pizza at Pizza Luce later that night. We get a Pizza Athena and a pitcher of Summit extra pale ale. It is delicious and some of our friends show up. Zac's parents show up as well and pay for our pizza. Holy awesome.

cost:$30ish free for me
feeling:lazy and in love with pizza
location: pizza luce

Afterwards we go to a friends house. media consumed: dark knight trailer, surface magazine, and oprah.
cost: free
feeling: lazy and not ready to sleep
location: tylermers house