February 24, 2008

Too Much Consumption

We plan to go to too much love tonight, so I vote for a goodwill trip so that Ii can find something retarded to wear. I end up only finding things that are possibly useful. I've wanted a windbreaker for biking in the future, the shirt's colors are great and I get it for inspiration, the cd book is for my brother who I advised not to purchase a new one since I've seen millions of abandoned ones at goodwill. Everything is useful except for an amazing sequined american flag coin purse. It fulfills my need for a ridiculous purchase. Later I find out Andrea had seen it earlier, but she tried to hide it from me so that I wouldn't buy it. Foiled again Andrea, my crap detector finds all things useless and gaudy.

cost: 28.00 (surprisingly)
time: 4:00pm
location: goodwill
feeling: tired of all of my stuff

Afterwards we go to golooney's for a pizza. I'm realizing i probably spend 75% of my money on Pizza
cost: 19.00 (surprisingly)
time: 6:00pm
location: Golooney's
feeling: Lazy hungry

That night we go to Too much Love. dancing is fun but by the end of the night we succumb and by 2 tall boys of pbr. We consider sharing one, but I spring for two since sharing one seems really pointless to me at the time. guh. Parking is 4.00 but Andrea springs for it
cost: $13.50
feeling: happy tired and beer thirsty
location: first ave