February 24, 2008

Crap spiral

We wake up late, in need of breakfast, once again my lazyiness defeats my need to save money. Breakfast at the Uptown diner. We split a shortstack of kamikaze pancakes and a cajun breakfast. It is a heart attack of hollandaise sauce, hashbrowns, eggs, and a thin layer of peppers and mushrooms. I'm pretty sure after this weekend there is a layer of hollandaise sauce coating my circulatory system.

cost: 17.00
time: 2:00pm
location: uptown diner
feeling: hungry and tired, happy that it feels like spring

Afterwards I feel slow and sluggish, we go to cub foods to prepare for what will most likely be an all nighter. I purchase a vitamin energy drink and some veggie chips.

cost: $5.70
time: 4:00pm
feeling: lazy and pessimistic